The Difference Between The Type And Cost Of Bamboo Product Structure

Flat pressure and lateral pressure are the most common structures of bamboo. What is the difference between flat pressure and lateral pressure? Let's first have a general understanding of the product characteristics of bamboo sheet. Bamboo sheet is a kind of bamboo integrated material, which is composed of one bamboo piece after another superimposed according to a certain structure. According to the superimposed combination of bamboo pieces, it can be roughly divided into flat pressed bamboo board, side pressed bamboo board, horizontal and horizontal bamboo board, etc.

Simply put, the flat pressed bamboo board is the combination of the strings of the bamboo strips upward, and the bamboo joints are obvious. The width of the flat pressed bamboo joints is generally about 20MM. The flat pressed bamboo board is similar to the appearance of bamboo, which is pieced together by bamboo strips. 

flat structure
vertical structure

The lateral pressure bamboo plate is when the chord of the bamboo strip is combined on the side. The width of the bamboo joint on the side bed is generally only 4-6MM, and the bamboo joint does not look obvious

Relatively delicate, basically are presented a bamboo grain, you see from the side side and the board surface is almost vertical, the side of the vertical is called the side pressure bamboo board. 

flat structure organizer box
vertical structure cheese board

Above is about the ferule flat with the primary difference between lateral pressure, from the quality of the products in terms of ferula flat pressure and lateral pressure ferula didn't say which is better or worse, basically be to see what is made from dried product, what is used as components, in general, the structure of the lateral pressure force better, not easy to bending and deformation, but the ferule higher cost than flat pressure.

Post time: Nov-02-2022