The Environmental Protection Of Bamboo And The Development Of New Products Design Household Kitchen Supplies

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of bamboo products technology and technology, the application scope of bamboo products made from biomass materials has been expanded, and the safety performance and quality have also been greatly improved. Compared with plastic products made from fossil resources, bamboo products are more competitive in the market. Bamboo is treasure, all from the rod to the root, bamboo shoots, leaf, can achieve 100% basically no waste utilization, it can be self-update after logging, can again the cutting three to five years later, and bamboo can grow in the degradation of soil and slope, do not need to occupy basic farmland to, use cycle is much longer than bamboo products from the time needed for the bamboo shoots to mature, So bamboo is more environmentally friendly and cleaner.

cheese board set
drawer organizer
wrap dispenser

Its beauty at home is another performance, under the continuous guidance of science and technology and fashion, bamboo with all kinds of new creative design will be appearance and practicability of continuous improvement, derived a series of in line with the modern vision standard and pay attention to environmental protection and health of bamboo furniture new products.

For example, we designed and made a large number of kitchen storage supplies, so that people can use the space of drawers and mesa reasonably and conveniently to place tableware, small tools and seasoning bottles. Beautiful design and bamboo itself reveals the fresh feeling, so that these products get people's love and a lot of view note, and to be more and more popular. Such as bamboo foil and plastic dispenser, bamboo drawer organizer , ziplock bag organizer and cheese board with knives set etc, all of these products are very practical and commonly used.

Post time: Oct-11-2022